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Our Services – Shawn Taylor Foundation



Monthly reading and nutrition on wheels initiative. Serving one community at a time with after school snacks and reading program. Our reading program is designed to inspire those to dream again and create their own vision board. Stories read are of those who live their dream with hopes of inspiring our youth to dream.


Your Mile Your Choice is a walkathon fundraiser where you donate 10 dollars per mile that you walk. You walk for 10 reasons because it’s your Choice.
Walk for:

• Teamwork creates a positive change.
• Homelessness and hunger affects us all. We care.
• Disease is at an epidemic level affecting all.
• Addictive and violent behavior is a predisposing factor to most of our social, mental and health ills.
• Community care is everyone’s responsibility.
• You have the power to save and change lives.
• Illness, poverty, hatred, racism, injustice and lack of community care hurts.
• We are the people for the people. It only takes one person.
• Our future depends on building the American Dream where all people are treated as human beings.
• Walk because you care.


A Dream for a day affords the opportunity to explore all the possibilities one can imagine in a day. We sponsor trips for children with many adversities and disadvantages such as homelessness, illness, abandonment, and child cruelty.


5 days 5 families

5 days 5 families, is a family plan to face the challenge of making a diet lifestyle change to improve the quality of health and lifestyle for children and their families. Taylor will spend 5 days with 5 families that are willing to educate and empower themselves with the skills needed to change the way they view food and create healthier ways to eat to live. We ask all families to participate in changing the way they eat. Just 5 days can create a positive change.


The Dream Team supports the vision of Global Care in the areas of Health Care, Literacy and Education, Safety, Housing, Food Distribution, Agriculture, Public Policy Initiatives, Disaster Relief Efforts and Poverty Relief, provide Support and Innovative Solutions to issues concerning Global Warming and proper water sanitation.

The Team Initiate preventative measures to decrease the ruination of communities which are the bricks to building bridges for all families worldwide, healthy community care breeds healthy global care.


Jumping 4 Life is a program Taylor initiated that involved the spirit of community coming together to raise funds and create a platform to increase social awareness about juvenile on set diabetes, obesity, literacy, gang intervention and prevention. The fundraiser will be held annually for a different societal and health concern. It involves family and children of all ages from diverse communities to come together and participate in a jump rope contest. Jump 4 health, jump 4 wellness, jump 4 life. Participants are asked to challenge their twitter followers to commit only 10 dollars for 10 reasons.
1. Health issues are a worldwide epidemic.
2. Diseases in America are at an epidemic level affecting families worldwide.
3. Addictive behavior is a pre-disposing factor to most of our social, mental, and health ills.
4. You and your family could face medical, economic, or societal ills that drastically cause other family problems.
5. Team work creates a positive change.
6. Community care is everyones responsibility.
7. You have the power to change and save a life.
8. Our future depends on building the real American dream where all people are treated as human beings.
9. Illness, poverty, hatred, racism, injustice, and lack of community care hurts.
10. Jump because you care.

10 problems, 10 reasons, join the fight, jump 4 life today!

Call us today at +7 495-123-4567 or Email us at info@shawntaylorfounfdation.org

If you seek truth you will not seek victory by dishonorable means, and if you find truth you will become invincible.