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About Us – Shawn Taylor Foundation


The Shawn Taylor Foundation believes in the power within us all that creates something magical when we try. We encourage the need for community care with the love thy neighbor policy. Our core philosophy is give and it will be given. We measure our health and wellness by the people we make healthy and well. Our goal should be everyone’s goal, for a healthy and motivated world of higher education, and economic empowerment Put your shoes on and take the journey.

Who We Are

Hi, and welcome to the Shawn Taylor Foundation. My name is Cherie Ivy and here is our humble story. On July 7, 2017 I received the call that no mother ever wants to receive and that was the call that my son Shawn would never be coming home again, his life was taken in a senseless act of violence.

Shawn was a huge giver, and beyond that a big dreamer, and all that he dreamed he endeavored to accomplish. He loved the arts and was a prolific writer. His greatest passion was creating music. Shawn believed all lives mattered, and that people were affected by the lives of others around them. He was one who was affected by those he saw hungry, homeless, abandoned, or mistreated.

He would often bring young people to our home to feed, or provide temporary shelter, Shawn thought he himself could bring about a positive change for the betterment of all, but the task was to great for one person, it would take a village to bring about that change, but it only takes one to inspire, and Shawn was that inspiration. I didn’t want his vision, as well as what he meant in the lives of myself and others to ever be forgotten so the Shawn Taylor Foundation was founded in his memory.

We will complete his journey by joining the many others who voice their hope for change by creating the greatest campaign ever, the campaign for whole life, whole being for all. We look forward to you also becoming a voice for change. We want to say thank you on behalf of Shawn, and the Shawn Taylor Foundation Team.

Cherie Ivy, Founder

The Purpose

The Purpose of The Shawn Taylor Foundation is to inspire young people to follow their dreams and to become beacons of light to the poor, hungry and helpless.

The Mission

Our team mission is to strategically align ourselves with a host of other charitable organizations, businesses, governments, NGO’s and community members dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children and families around the world.

The Vision

We envision a world without child cruelty, global poverty, hunger, human suffering and economic disparity.


• To meet the people where they are in life with what they need to provide quality of life.

• To create access to resources that create opportunity.

• Create solutions to our social problems with the support of a collaborative team effort using the one brick at a time model.

• Identify support systems that will take the lead in improving the quality of care and well being of children and families worldwide.

• Develop initiatives for the greater quality of whole life by use of education and life skill training in the areas of proper nutrition and sanitation.

• Increase awareness on emergency preparedness

• Increase health awareness and maintenance

• Build up the reinstitution of family values and help instill in our youth pride in community care.


Plant seeds of love, kindness, and forgiveness, and something amazing happens, life sprouts up everywhere.

Our Dream Team

The Dream Team supports the vision of Global Care in the areas of Health Care, Literacy and Education, Safety, Housing, Food Distribution, Agriculture, Public Policy Initiatives, Disaster Relief Efforts and Poverty Relief, provide Support and Innovative Solutions to issues concerning Global Warming and proper water sanitation.

The Team Initiate preventative measures to decrease the ruination of communities which are the bricks to building bridges for all families worldwide, healthy community care breeds healthy global care.