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Healthy Children – Shawn Taylor Foundation
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Healthy Children

By ShawnTaylorFoundation
In August 20, 2015

Healthy eating means eating to live, not living to eat. Foods should always be prepared properly and give you the nutrients you need to make you feel good, maintain quality of health, and give you energy. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins and minerals. We all need proper nutrition. Though foods are not medicines, the right food combinations can provide medicinal benefits.

Although it is known that fruits are actually good for your body, there are some combinations that can be fatal. The most serious is in the case of children. Banana with milk consumed by an adult slows your thinking, causes stomach heaviness, and increases the production of toxins, but most importantly in the case of minors this can be fatal.

Another health tip is orange and carrot juice combined causes excess bile, heartburn and reflux, and damages the renal system, so it is important to know what fruits and/or vegetables mix together.



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